Goldsmiths Thesis show

Untitled, Black Ink On White Paper 2013, 500cm x 100cm, 16.4ft x 3.2ft

My degree show at Goldsmiths was a exploration into my interest in light and life whilst also exploring life after death and the things that are revealed about someone after they die and the legacy someone leaves.

Untitled, White Ink on Black Paper 2013, 500cm x 100cm, 16.4ft x 3.2ft

Using the text piece as a starting point, laid to rest in darkness the light of her life, alongside my own curiosity into life and death, I began to think about how I could create a piece encompassing these interests.

The text piece, I found in a newspaper. The newspaper was dedicated to Princess Diana after she died. Alongside the projected text, there were two large scale drawings of my interpretation of light. One was black ink on white paper, the other being white ink on black paper. Alongside the text pieces and drawings, there was a performance I created involving tissue paper and a overhead projector.